Vision Services

DeepDetect maintains a large set of models for a variety of vision tasks.

Below are a handful of object detection models for generic tasks.

All models run in real-time on our GPUs.

Compute time includes image retrieval, image processing via the deep net, results sent to browser and bounding box drawing.

Try any image via the URL box.

Looking for models for service in SaaS or on premises? Looking for custom models ?

Face Detection

Generic face detection

Face + Gender Detection

Face and Gender detection in a single call.

Clothes Detection

9 classes clothes detection model

Text Detection

Generic model to detect text and logos in any image

Generic Object Detection

This model detects all it can, without labeling the detected elements.

It acts as a generic tiny visual cortex.

Try the different levels of details.

All other object detection models on this page are specialization of this very generic model